Monday, February 14, 2011

2 weeks and 2 days to go!

I can't believe it's getting so close...WOW!

So, in the past week...

I have been on lupron, 20cc's in the morning. I was supposed to start my period by Friday, the 11th of Feb. and it never came, so Dr. P called me personally and told me to come in Friday morning and he did an ultrasound and my lining had thinned out on it's own. At my previous (1st baseline u/s appt) on Monday, my lining was at 9.5 mm which is optimal for implantation, but I was due for a period, so it was inevitable it would thin. Friday it was 5.9 mm, so it did it's job. He went ahead and put me on the estrogen patch and I have had 2 on every other day, and I am starting supplemental pills tomorrow as well. My next baseline is Wednesday morning so they can tell if they need to up the estrogen or what. I had to call the office this morning and tell him I had indeed started my period, as I had awful, horrible, cramps. It seems just 3 hours later the blood is nearly gone and the cramps are non-existent. Hmm...Dr. P said it's probably old blood and everything is fine. So, we are still on. Also got my contract signed and it is in the mail to the Lawyer.

So, after Wednesday, I get my final calendar with my progesterone and antibiotic protocol. Transfer as of right now, is set for March 2nd, which is in 2 weeks and 2 days. Eeks! Egg retrieval is set for Feb. 25th.
If it works, my due date would be Nov. 18th 2011. If only one embryo sticks. If they both stick (lets hope not) it would be around Halloween they would be due. I'm getting excited!!!

Oh, can't forget...Happy Valentine's Day!!! Tomorrow is Thomas' Birthday too!

Monday, February 7, 2011

I need to vent....

Now in reality, we all make mistakes. I made an "oops" and I am getting bickered at and I am not happy about it.
I get this disorganized half assed calendar from the RE's nurse with TODAY's date at the top and stuff from January that's passed and stuff for Feb. that hasn't happened yet all mixed in this "calendar" that is nothing more than a list, which I received mid Jan.
After my first appointment Dr. P gave me crap about my BP being too high for him, then my pap was abnormal. So upon sending me everywhere to get my BP checked and to the GYNO for a colposcopy AND I moved in the process, and my folks are moving, I've been freaking busy. I FORGOT! The contract isn't even signed yet and I am hormonal as hell from the lupron and I am getting flack for forgetting to stop taking my birth control pill. Wait, hold up. He told me once I stopped the first pack, to start the new pack immediately, skip the inactive pills. So, my brain doesn't tell me I am going to be stopping them anytime soon. Why would I seek that on my calendar? Am I supposed to be some kind of whiz or mind reader? I was doing what I was told. It's not like I'm a pro at his protocol or anything like his nurse is supposed to be.
Another thing, he's threatening to cancel the cycle because our blood work isn't done. Woah, hold on. I've been on lupron a week. His nurse told me within the month of starting the meds we needed to have labs done. I got them done today, but that's not the point. Then she didn't give me the consent forms needed to even do any of the stuff that's already started, which I finally got today and I am livid because she tried to blame me for that. I set her straight and told her I may have lost the calendar, but I didn't get the blue sheets/consent forms. She said "it was such a crazy day when you were here". Um, ok. Is that the excuse?

Whatever. I'm so ready to just stop this whole thing. Dr. P is so nice while I'm there and he didn't scold me, it was his damn nurse and my agency. Though Soaud was nice about it, the point got across. I am human, I do make mistakes.

One thing in life people need to learn is to walk in someone else's shoes before passing judgement on them or any decisions or mistakes they have already made or may make.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

News from previous blog....

So, last Thursday, per Dr. P's request, I went and saw a GYNO and had a colposcopy done. I went this morning for the results and it was.....NEGATIVE!!

(Weight is lifting off shoulders...)

I am so excited and happy this is FINALLY working out!

I go in Monday for my baseline ultrasound and get my full calendar for the estrogen and progesterone and probably a closer inital transfer date.

Contratcs should be done by tomorrow!! So excited!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So. I have news...

The day turned out better than I thought it was gonna!

So, my IP's were ready to go and sign a waiver if Dr. Pabon was going to give us anymore grief about my blood pressure, but he got the documentation on how it runs on a normal basis and personally called me to tell me we are good and that he was proud of me. =D
They ordered my meds and I actually get them tomorrow, but I start them Thursday.

There is a slight catch, but nothing that is going to hinder pap came back with abnormal Dr. Pabon said he would feel like a better Dr. if he sent me to see a GYN to look at my cervix. He said she may or may not need to scrape (do a colposcopy) because I had a level 1 pre-cancer tissue. It's something that may need to be scraped before transfer, but unlikely, it just depends.

So, that is where we stand with everything. So excited!!

Party Day

Well, today is my Son's birthday. He was officially 8 years old at 3 a.m. this morning. I can still remember his birth like it was yesterday.
He is and always will be my baby, at least until I have more kids, if ever that happens.

I am still young though, 29 with 6 months to go until I hit the big 3-0.

Anyway, since my last post there has been this rigamorale with Dr. Pabons office about my blood pressure. It's fine at home, but when I am out driving and stressed out, it goes up. It always will, no matter what. Just 1/2 hour ago it was 124/82, which is a beautiful BP. At Dr. Pabon's it was 136/94, which is a jump, but still not threatening enough to disqualify me. He will not be happy unless my BP is 90/60 I'm sure, so this has been a very stressful couple weeks. Finally, yesterday Soaud talked with Marianne (my IM) and she is requesting a waiver to sign so we can get this show on the road. I am supposed to be starting Lupron on Thursday, which means they need to order it today so I can have it by Thursday to start.

There is much to do today while I await my fate with the surrogacy....I am throwing my son a surprise party. He thinks he is going bowling this weekend, which he is, but he thinks that all he is getting. I have to clean up the house, go get food and cake for tonight and wrap his gifts.

I will update in a few days as to whether or not everything pans out with the surrogacy. I'm hoping not to be cheated out of this experience yet again. These Dr.'s....the first never checked my BP, but also didn't do other needed tests, so though I got to take the meds and go through transfer, he just was not as good as we thought and the one embryo did not stick. Things are much different this time and much more promising.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's odd...

I am checking this and I notice that I titled my last blog with today's date, yet yesterday when I was thinking about it, I looked in my notebook and I had wrote Friday's date as my Dr. appt. Luckily, I was smart enough to call!

So I had my appointment today. Let me just say, WOW!

Dr. Pabon was not at all what I expected. He was much nicer and much more accomodating than all the reviews I read. He was very gentle and told me everything he was going to do before he did it. He was constantly asking me if I was ok or uncomfortable. After all the testing I was sitting with his nurse and he asked how I was feeling and I told him I had a headache from no caffine plus I didn't get to eat lunch because there was a car accident. Let me back that up. My appointment was at 10, I had the consult, then he had a prior luncheon or something, so I was told to come back at one with a full bladder for the testing.
I had to go get my Dad from work then we were stuck in traffic for a solid 45 minutes because of an accident and we were literally a mile from home. It was insane. So I had enough time to drop him off at home, go inside and pee and leave again. I gulped down a bottle of water on my way back and managed to get to the 1 p.m. appt. at 1 p.m. He still was not there yet, but that's besides the point.

Anayway, I had informed him I hadn't gotten a chance to eat and he asks me if I like cheese sticks that he would get me a snack, and I was starved, so I agreed on a cheese stick. He brings me in a plate with a chicken sandwhich (pre packaged, microwaved), a cheese stick (the peel-able mozarella one), a peanut bar with caramel on it, I don't know the brand....and a cup and a fresca, cold. He also put a mayo and ketchup packet on the plate. The DOCTOR brought this in to me...I know it doesn't seem like much, but in all the experiences I've seen my Mom go through with Dr.'s, it was odd to me. But I was thankful and I ate everything lol

Anyhoo, all my tests were good and he did A LOT of tests. Pap, he did a mock transfer, put a catheter in my uterus and pushed fluid through it, biopsied it, did several ultrasounds, checked my lining and follicles (eggs in the ovaries).

My BP was 134/96 so he was concerned. I have to go in next week with good BP's. I had a super stressful day, so it was going to be high. It will be fine tomorrow after I've licked this headache and got my kids home.

But as of right now, I start BCP (birth control pills) tonight and lupron on the 27th. Contracts are next week, so things are rolling as they should be!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Thursday 13th of Jan. is....

My appt. at Dr. Pabon's! Souad plans to go with me, but it depends on her schedule. I am excited and nervous. This is the first "official" step towards the next journey. Super duper excited!!

Not a lot to blog about with this until the appt. I am a little nervous as I've heard some good and some bad about him. I am wondering about his med protocol. I need to start a list of questions...

Let me get on that and the 8 other things I need to do today. I was sick all night, like something I ate didn't agree with me.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Starting Over....

Well, here we are Jan. 5th 2011.

Happy New Year! That's what I intend for this to be. Last year, kinda sucked. Between the move to Bradenton from Jacksonville being sudden, both my Parents literally died and were brought back and the failed surrogacy journey, it wasn't a good year. I am hoping this year is much better.

On that note, my Mom is doing better, she is about to go on to Peritoneal Dialysis ( and stop having to go to a dialysis center 3 days a week where her BP drops severely...that's why she technically "died" last year, the Nurses weren't doing their jobs and her BP drops every time she has dialysis. Anyway, that's a good thing and should help her to pep up some since her BP will be under control. My Dad had a massive heart attack in 2009 and he had a little relapse after hearing my Mom died and then he walks into the E.R. thinking he is going to see a corpse and she's sitting up in bed talking....that's a day I will never forget. Anyway, new subject...

We've been living in a kinda run down apartment while we got on our feet and it's finally (after 5 months) time to get into a better place. Just so happens that my Parents need our help, financially and physically so we are willingly getting a place with them. I say willingly because there have been a few times it's been out of sheer necessity because we couldn't afford where we were living. Anyway...we are currently looking for something big enough and accomodating for all of us, yet still affordable. Thomas got an excellent job, one he can retire from. Benefits, PTO, Paid Holidays, OT, 401K...all that jazz. I am working at home for a Staffing company and scheduling banquets, so it's all good. Can't wait to get away from the drug dealers and assholes. One neighbor brings me all her sucks because I know her Husband is cheating on her and I can't say anything because I don't want any part of it. He'll automatically know it came from Thomas cause Thomas told me. The guy is big, like muscle big and he's an asshole. Maybe I will say something or send an anonymous letter after I move. Who knows?

Next on my list is a new journey. Surrogacy journey that is. I waited a while and looked and talked and found my IP's. I had lunch with them yesterday and I am so excited about this couple. They live close by and are very open. They are great! I am still making youtube if you wanna look me up my SN on youtube is Tiffymm589....go to the surrogacy playlist and it's the first one on there. I could post a link, but honestly, I just don't feel like it. LOL