Monday, February 7, 2011

I need to vent....

Now in reality, we all make mistakes. I made an "oops" and I am getting bickered at and I am not happy about it.
I get this disorganized half assed calendar from the RE's nurse with TODAY's date at the top and stuff from January that's passed and stuff for Feb. that hasn't happened yet all mixed in this "calendar" that is nothing more than a list, which I received mid Jan.
After my first appointment Dr. P gave me crap about my BP being too high for him, then my pap was abnormal. So upon sending me everywhere to get my BP checked and to the GYNO for a colposcopy AND I moved in the process, and my folks are moving, I've been freaking busy. I FORGOT! The contract isn't even signed yet and I am hormonal as hell from the lupron and I am getting flack for forgetting to stop taking my birth control pill. Wait, hold up. He told me once I stopped the first pack, to start the new pack immediately, skip the inactive pills. So, my brain doesn't tell me I am going to be stopping them anytime soon. Why would I seek that on my calendar? Am I supposed to be some kind of whiz or mind reader? I was doing what I was told. It's not like I'm a pro at his protocol or anything like his nurse is supposed to be.
Another thing, he's threatening to cancel the cycle because our blood work isn't done. Woah, hold on. I've been on lupron a week. His nurse told me within the month of starting the meds we needed to have labs done. I got them done today, but that's not the point. Then she didn't give me the consent forms needed to even do any of the stuff that's already started, which I finally got today and I am livid because she tried to blame me for that. I set her straight and told her I may have lost the calendar, but I didn't get the blue sheets/consent forms. She said "it was such a crazy day when you were here". Um, ok. Is that the excuse?

Whatever. I'm so ready to just stop this whole thing. Dr. P is so nice while I'm there and he didn't scold me, it was his damn nurse and my agency. Though Soaud was nice about it, the point got across. I am human, I do make mistakes.

One thing in life people need to learn is to walk in someone else's shoes before passing judgement on them or any decisions or mistakes they have already made or may make.


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