Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So. I have news...

The day turned out better than I thought it was gonna!

So, my IP's were ready to go and sign a waiver if Dr. Pabon was going to give us anymore grief about my blood pressure, but he got the documentation on how it runs on a normal basis and personally called me to tell me we are good and that he was proud of me. =D
They ordered my meds and I actually get them tomorrow, but I start them Thursday.

There is a slight catch, but nothing that is going to hinder anything....my pap came back with abnormal cells...so Dr. Pabon said he would feel like a better Dr. if he sent me to see a GYN to look at my cervix. He said she may or may not need to scrape (do a colposcopy) because I had a level 1 pre-cancer tissue. It's something that may need to be scraped before transfer, but unlikely, it just depends.

So, that is where we stand with everything. So excited!!

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