Monday, February 14, 2011

2 weeks and 2 days to go!

I can't believe it's getting so close...WOW!

So, in the past week...

I have been on lupron, 20cc's in the morning. I was supposed to start my period by Friday, the 11th of Feb. and it never came, so Dr. P called me personally and told me to come in Friday morning and he did an ultrasound and my lining had thinned out on it's own. At my previous (1st baseline u/s appt) on Monday, my lining was at 9.5 mm which is optimal for implantation, but I was due for a period, so it was inevitable it would thin. Friday it was 5.9 mm, so it did it's job. He went ahead and put me on the estrogen patch and I have had 2 on every other day, and I am starting supplemental pills tomorrow as well. My next baseline is Wednesday morning so they can tell if they need to up the estrogen or what. I had to call the office this morning and tell him I had indeed started my period, as I had awful, horrible, cramps. It seems just 3 hours later the blood is nearly gone and the cramps are non-existent. Hmm...Dr. P said it's probably old blood and everything is fine. So, we are still on. Also got my contract signed and it is in the mail to the Lawyer.

So, after Wednesday, I get my final calendar with my progesterone and antibiotic protocol. Transfer as of right now, is set for March 2nd, which is in 2 weeks and 2 days. Eeks! Egg retrieval is set for Feb. 25th.
If it works, my due date would be Nov. 18th 2011. If only one embryo sticks. If they both stick (lets hope not) it would be around Halloween they would be due. I'm getting excited!!!

Oh, can't forget...Happy Valentine's Day!!! Tomorrow is Thomas' Birthday too!

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